Club wharves provide over 500 feet of dockage, and massive breakwaters form a well-protected basin which can hold an additional fifty boats at floating finger-piers. Available depth at low water is 9 feet.

Maximum predicted tidal range in Sydney, according to the Canadian Hydrographic Service, is 4.4 feet (1.3 metres). However, strong winds and high or low barometric pressure can cause significant increase or decrease of the actual water level.

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On Land Storage

Our extensive grounds can store more than 110 boats.
Space is limited, so boaters requiring storage should book early!

Haulout & Launch

The Dobson has a travel lift with the following capacity:travel lift

  • Weight: 20 tons (18 tonnes)
  • Lenght: 50 feet (15 meters)
  • Beam: 15 feet ( 4.5 meters)
  • Draft: 8 feet (2.4 meters)

Vessels exceeding the Travel Lift’s capacity can be handled by cranes rented locally.


Launching Ramp

The launching ramp accommodates trailered boats and self‑loading boat transporters.


Mast Crane

The mast crane, located in the camber, has a 1,000‑lb lifting capacity.