2023 Rates & Fees *All fees subject to HST*
  Dues   $127.05
Membership runs from January 1 to December 31.
Travel Lift & Launch Ramp:    
  Lift (Member)   $276.36
  Additional/Repair Lift (Members only)  


  Lift (Non-Member) *includes operator*   $396.00
  Ramp Fee (Member)   $50.00
  Ramp Fee (Non-Member)  


  Summer (Member)   $397.50
  Winter (Member)  


  Daily—Winter & Summer (Member)   $5.23/day
  Daily—Winter & Summer (Nonmember)   $9.09/day
  Mast Rack & Crane Fee   $28.70
Members renting seasonal slips are exempt from the Summer Land Storage fee
Extended Storage Fee**:    
  1st year $60.00
  2nd Year   $110.00
  3rd Year   $160.00
  4th Year +   $210.00
Power/Pump Out:    
  Daily Power Charge   $3.85
  Pump Out   $19.13
  Seasonal Slip   $627.50
  Daily — Member (any size)   $7.66/day
  Daily — Nonmember ≤50 feet   $1.65/ft/day
  Daily — Nonmember >50 feet   $4.13/ft/day
It is required that visitor charges be paid in advance.
  For uncleaned storage site or dock area $50.00
Payment of Accounts
Payment Timing:    
  Lift fee   At Haulout
  Dues   January 1
  Lift Fee   At Launch
  Slips/Dockage   March 30
Storage Season:    
  Winter Season Nov 1 – May 31
  Summer Season June 1 – Oct 31
* Fees are subject to revision.
** Long-term Storage – A boat is deemed to be in long-term storage after being ashore for two or more consecutive winters without being launched. The fee is due on the 1st of January of the second and subsequent winters ashore.
*All Rates & Fees are subject to HST*